This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of Art and Art History. The specific education of artists and of art historians, which includes technical skills, visual analysis, and research methodologies, are taught within the context of our liberal arts institution. The department values providing a strong liberal arts education and writing and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all art courses.


Submissions from 2014


Florence Ayscough: pioneer promoter of modern Chinese painting in America, Zaixin Hong

Submissions from 2013

A Newly Made Marketable ‘Leftover’: Luo Zhenyu’s Cultural Capital in Kyoto after the 1911 Revolution, Zaixin Hong

Zhongguo Meishushi (A History of Chinese Art), Zaixin Hong

Maier Hall Art Guide, Janet Marcavage


Modalities Of Representation: Symbol And Narrative In 16th-century Murals At The Convent Of Izamal, Yucatán, Linda K. Williams


Modalities of Representation: Symbol and Narrative in 16th-Century Murals at the Convent of Izamal, Yucatan, Linda K. Williams

Submissions from 2012


Issues of Provenance in the Last Emperor’s Art Collecting, Zaixin Hong


Moving onto a World Stage: The Modern Chinese Practice of Art Collecting and Its Connection to the Japanese Art Market, Zaixin Hong

Pictures For Use And Pleasure: Vernacular Painting In High Qing China, Zaixin Hong

Sensuous Surfaces: The Decorative Object In Early Modern China, Zaixin Hong

Shi zhi lv: Zhongguo he Renben de shiyi hua (The Lyric Journey: Poetic Painting in China and Japan, by James Cahill), Zaixin Hong


Unveiling and Consuming Art in the Multifarious Spaces of Early Modern China, Zaixin Hong


Defining Female Authority in Eighth-Century Byzantium: The Numismatic Images of the Empress Irene (797–802), Kriszta Kotsis


Mothers of the Empire: Empresses Zoe and Theodora on a Byzantine Medallion Cycle, Kriszta Kotsis

Submissions from 2010

Social Injustice, John McCuistion


Dual Messages of Power on the Facade of the Casa Montejo, Mérida, Yucatán, Linda K. Williams

Submissions from 2009

Sacre Conversazioni—Byzantine Empresses in Sacred Stories, Kriszta Kotsis

The Future Of Sixteenth Century Studies: Local And Global: Expanding Vision In The Study Of Sixteenth-century Latin American Arts, Linda K. Williams


Local and Global: Expanding Vision in the Study of Sixteenth-Century Latin American Arts, Linda K. Williams

Submissions from 2008

Brush And Ink : Kunpei Kawachi, Toshiharu Kawachi, Zaixin Hong, and Aida Yuen Wong

Royal Visions of the Mother of God in Medieval Texts and Images, Kriszta Kotsis


Photographs and Article, John McCuistion


Photographs of Artwork, John McCuistion