This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of English. The department’s diverse faculty interests cover all aspects of literary studies, from English literature’s traditional roots to its contemporary experiments.


Submissions from 2014


Literacy, economy, and power : writing and research after Literacy in American Lives, John Duffy, Julie Nelson Christoph, and Eli Goldblatt

Submissions from 2013

Adolescence and Interiority in Aelred’s Lives of Christ, Denise Despres

Ecstasy and Intimacy: The Material Culture of Medieval Devotional Literacy, Denise Despres

Iconography and Iconoclasm: Christian Doctrine and Religious Heterodoxy, Denise Despres


Review: Adrienne Williams Boyarin, Miracles of the Virgin in Medieval England, Denise Despres

Review: Georgiana Donovan, Scribit Mater, Mary and the Language Arts in the Literature of Medieval England, Denise Despres


Miracles Of The Virgin In Medieval England: Law And Jewishness In Marian Legends, Denise L. Despres

They Are Building A Tennis Court Next To The Hospital, Allen C. Jones


An Old Dog Enters the Fray; or, Reading Hard Times as an Industrial Novel, Priti Joshi

The Indian Periodical Press And The Production Of Nationalist Rhetoric, Priti Joshi

Judging the Pulitzer: Binocular Vision by Edith Pearlman, Suzanne Warren

Submissions from 2012


The Other Great Exhibition: Mayhew’s Catalog of the Industrious, Priti Joshi


Cont(r)acting Whiteness: The Language of Contagion in the Autobiographical Essays of Zitkala-Ša, Tiffany Aldrich MacBain

Submissions from 2011

Romantic Transports: Tabitha Tenney's "female Quixotism" In Transatlantic Context, Rachel Carnell and Alison Tracy Hale

Where there is no library: Doing research at a new university in East Africa, Julie Nelson Christoph

Review: Chaucer and Religion, Denise Despres


Review: Imagining an English Reading Public, Denise Despres

Chaucer And Religion, Denise L. Despres


Imagining An English Reading Public, 1150-1400, Denise L. Despres

Katherine Breen. Imagining An English Reading Public, 1150–1400, Denise L. Despres


Race, Priti Joshi


The Middle Classes, Priti Joshi

Virtuous Community: Online Storytelling In Leroy Sievers's My Cancer, Mita Mahato

Submissions from 2010


'Let Yourself Shine Through': Looking At and Through Students’ Invention of Ethos, Julie Nelson Christoph

‘Please refer to the line above’: Writing and the Personal on Both Sides of the Technological Divide, Julie Nelson Christoph

Tanzania’s Great Experiment Revisited: Sponsorship of Literacy in Contemporary Zanzibar, Julie Nelson Christoph


Three Models of Mentorship: Feminist Leadership and the Graduate Student WPA, Julie Nelson Christoph, Rebecca Schoenike Nowacek, Mary Lou Odom, and Bonnie Smith

Surgeon Green, Beverly H. Conner


Review: Three Women of Liege: A Critical Edition of and Commentary on the Middle English Lives of Elizabeth of Spalbeek, Christina Mirabilis, and Marie d’Oignies, Denise Despres


Sacramentals and Ghostly Sights, Denise Despres

Adolescence And Sanctity: The Life And Passion Of Saint William Of Norwich, Denise L. Despres


Three Women Of Liège: A Critical Edition Of And Commentary On The Middle English Lives Of Elizabeth Of Spalbeek, Christina Mirabilis, And Marie D'oignies, Denise L. Despres


Technology in the Victorian Studies Classroom, Priti Joshi


Hidden Purposes of Creative Writing: Self, Power, and Knowledge, Hans Ostrom


Honoring Juanita: A Novel, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2009


Each One Teach One: The Legacy of Evangelism in Adult Literacy Education, Julie Nelson Christoph

Reading and Writing the Personal in ‘Impersonal’ Genres, Julie Nelson Christoph

Beach Bones, Beverly H. Conner


Physiologus, A Medieval Book of Nature Lore, Michael J. Curley

A Most Mobile Noble: The Travels and Entertainments of William Cecil, Second Earl of Salisbury, Peter H. Greenfield


Research Opportunities in Medieval and Renaissance Drama, vol. 48, Peter H. Greenfield


Touring, Peter H. Greenfield

1857: War Of Independence Or Clash Of Civilizations? British Public Reactions, Priti Joshi

Bollywood and Gender, Priti Joshi


Introduction, Priti Joshi

Masculinity And Gossip In Anne Bronte's Tenant, Priti Joshi


Masculinity and Gossip in Anne Brontë’s Tenant, Priti Joshi

Submissions from 2008

Anglo-norman Verse Prophecies Of Merlin, Michael Curley

Dragons, Maypoles and Careless Actors: On the Dearth of Dramatic Records of Hertfordshire, Peter H. Greenfield


Monks, Minstrels and Players: Drama in Hampshire before 1642, Peter H. Greenfield and Jane Cowling


“Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Priti Joshi

John Lang, the Picturesque, and the Indian ‘Mutiny', Priti Joshi

Synching Dickens with the Industrial Novel, Priti Joshi

The Location of the Ladies in Every Airport: Women, Travel, Cosmopolitanism, Priti Joshi

On Giving First-year Students A Quiz On Ginsberg's "howl.", William J. Kupinse

Teaching George Orwell in Karl Rove’s World: ‘Politics and the English Language’ in the 21st Century Classroom, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2007

The Miracles Of Saint David: A New Text And Its Context, Michael Curley

The Jew In The Medieval Book: English Antisemitisms, 1350-1500, Denise L. Despres


Mutiny Echoes: India, Britons, And Charles Dickens's A 'tale Of Two Cities', Priti Joshi

Utopian Generations: The Political Horizon Of Twentieth-century Literature, William J. Kupinse

'utopian Generations': The Political Horizon Of Twentieth-century Literature, William J. Kupinse

Utopian Generations: The Political Horizon Of Twentieth-century Literature (review), William J. Kupinse

Langston Hughes and the Poetry of a Dream Legally Deferred, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2006

Pagans, Tartars, Moslems, And Jews In Chaucer's "canterbury Tales.", Denise L. Despres

Domestic Ethnographies, Priti Joshi

Outlandish English Subjects In The Victorian Domestic Novel, Priti Joshi


The Coast Starlight: Collected Poems 1976-2006, Hans Ostrom

The Last Good Country, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 2005

Beasts Of Love: Richard Defournival's "bestiaire D'amour" And A Woman's Response, Michael Curley


The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Literature, Hans Ostrom and J. David Macey

Submissions from 2004

Joan Of Arc And Sacrificial Authorship, Denise L. Despres

Joyce And The Victorians/joyce And The Early Freudians: A Synchronic Dialogue Of Texts/joyce And The Sense Of Modernity (book), William J. Kupinse

Teaching Hemingway's "the Sun Also Rises.", Ann Putnam

The Open Space Of Democracy, Ronald R. Thomas and Terry Tempest Williams

Submissions from 2003

Prestige, Authority And Power In Late Medieval Manuscripts And Texts, Denise L. Despres


The Subject Is Story: Essays for Writers and Readers, Hans Ostrom and Wendy Bishop

Submissions from 2002


Arthurian Narrative In The Latin Tradition, Michael Curley

Five Lecciones For The Feast Of Saint Nonita: A Test And Its Context, Michael Curley


A Langston Hughes Encyclopedia, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2001

Julian Of Norwich: A Book Of Essays, Denise L. Despres


Metro: Journeys in Writing Creatively, Hans Ostrom, Wendy Bishop, and Katharine Haake

Submissions from 2000


Subjects Apprehended: Poems, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1997


Feminist Readings In Middle English Literature: The Wife Of Bath And All Her Sect - Evans,r, Johnson,l, Denise L. Despres


Julian Of Norwich's 'showings': From Vision To Book - Baker,dn, Denise L. Despres


Genre and Writing: Issues, Arguments, and Alternative, Hans Ostrom and Wendy Bishop

Submissions from 1994


Cultic Anti-judaism And Chaucer Litel-clergeon + 'prioress Tale', Denise L. Despres

African-American Literature from Douglass to Morrison: Some Key Challenges and Achievements, Hans Ostrom

American Literature Of The Region, For The Region, and By The Region, Hans Ostrom


Colors of a different horse : rethinking creative writing theory and pedagogy, Hans Ostrom and Wendy Bishop

Submissions from 1993


Langston Hughes: A Study of the Short Fiction, Hans Ostrom

Reconsidering Genre-Boundaries, Hans Ostrom

The Bearer Of The Gaze In Scott,ridley 'thelma And Louise' + Female Road Movie, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1992

bones' - Fisher,f, Ann Putnam

The Bear, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1991


Lives and Moments: An Introduction to Short Fiction, Hans Ostrom


Three to Get Ready: A Novel, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1990

'mapping The Distance' - Hokanson,a, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1989

'south Of The Border' - Cooke,jb, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1988

Betrayal And Redemption In The Fiction Of Hudson,lois,phillips, Ann Putnam

The 'train To Estelline' - Wood,jr, Ann Putnam