This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of History. The faculty possesses a thorough understanding of the world in which they live and of the diverse forces that have shaped both past and present. With regard to a range of subject areas including the development of literature, art, music, and philosophy or the complex interaction between the social and cultural environment and the evolution of scientific thought.


Submissions from 2014


Trafficking Nature And Labor Across Borders: The Transnational Return Of Us Environmental History, Douglas Cazaux Sackman


Brother or Other? East European Students in Soviet Higher Education Establishments, 1948-1956, Benjamin Tromly


Making the Soviet Intelligentsia: Universities and Intellectual Life under Stalin and Khruschchev, Benjamin Tromly

Submissions from 2013

Erika Kuhlman. Of Little Comfort: War Widows, Fallen Soldiers, And The Remaking Of The Nation After The Great War, Nancy K. Bristow

Mark Osborne Humphries, The Last Plague: Spanish Influenza And The Politics Of Public Health In Canada, Nancy K. Bristow


The Last Plague: Spanish Influenza And The Politics Of Public Health In Canada, Nancy K. Bristow


Settler Colonialism And Land Rights In South Africa: Possession And Dispossession On The Orange River, Poppy Fry


Delinquency And Welfare In London: 1939-1949, David F. Smith


Delinquency and Welfare in London, 1939-1949, David F. Smith

Submissions from 2012


American Pandemic: Lost Worlds of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, Nancy K. Bristow


The Frontier Of Leisure: Southern California And The Shaping Of Modern America, Douglas Cazaux Sackman

Rock And Roll In The Rocket City: The West, Identity, And Ideology In Soviet Dniepropetrovsk, 1960-1985, Benjamin Tromly

Submissions from 2011

Race, Nations and Migrants, David Smith

Veterans and Raw Recruits: Spiritual Warfare and the Care of Novices in the Monastery, ca. 1050–1200, Katherine Allen Smith


War and the Making of Medieval Monastic Culture, Katherine Allen Smith

Submissions from 2010


"It's As Bad As Anything Can Be": Patients, Identity, And The Influenza Pandemic, Nancy K. Bristow

Reconstructing Patriarchy After The Great War: Women, Gender, And Postwar Reconciliation Between Nations, Nancy K. Bristow

Labor Regime Change In The Mexican Revolution, John Lear

Looking For Mexico: Modern Visual Culture And National Identity, John Lear

Earth Quake!: How Ishi and the Others Survived the Modern World's Big One, Douglas Sackman


Wild Men: Ishi and Kroeber in the Wilderness of Modern America, Douglas Sackman

Delinquency and Welfare in London: 1939-194, David Smith


Spiritual Warriors in Citadels of Faith: Martial Rhetoric and Monastic Masculinity in the Long Twelfth Century, Katherine Allen Smith

Submissions from 2009


The Sausage Rebellion: Public Health, Private Enterprise, And Meat In Mexico City, 1890–1917 – By Jeffrey M. Pilcher, John Lear

Exploding the Whale: Poe’s Pym as a Rendering of the Golden Age of the Whale Fishery, Douglas Sackman

Therapy of the Wild: Ishi, Kroeber and other ‘Nature Men’ in the Wilderness of Modern America, Douglas Sackman


Fresh: A Perishable History, Douglas Cazaux Sackman


Discipline, Compassion And Monastic Ideals Of Community, C.950–1250, Katherine Allen Smith


Discipline, Compassion, and Monastic Ideals of Community, c.950–1250, Katherine Allen Smith


An Unlikely National Revival: Soviet Higher Learning and the Ukrainian ‘Sixtiers,’ 1953–65, Benjamin Tromly


An Unlikely National Revival: Soviet Higher Learning And The Ukrainian “sixtiers,” 1953–65, Benjamin Tromly

Submissions from 2008

‘An Oasis in the Great Desert of the City’s Paved Thoroughfares’: Wright Park and the Two Natures of Tacoma 100 Years Ago, Douglas Sackman

Breaking Bread: Food and Environmental History, Douglas Sackman


Nature and Conquest: After the Deluge of ’49, Douglas Sackman

Inescapable Ecologies: A History Of Environment, Disease, And Knowledge, Douglas Cazaux Sackman

Saints In Shining Armor: Martial Asceticism And Masculine Models Of Sanctity, Ca. 1050-1250, Katherine Allen Smith

Submissions from 2007


Reviews, Catherine Allgor, Akram Fouad Kahter, Vinay K. Gidwani, Karen Petrone, and Bruce Scates

La Revolución En Blanco, Negro Y Rojo: Arte, Política, Y Obreros En Los Inicios Del Periódico El Machete. (spanish), John Lear

Eugenic Nation: Faults And Frontiers Of Better Breeding In Modern America, Douglas Cazaux Sackman


Official Responses To Juvenile Delinquency In Scotland During The Second World War, David F. Smith

Submissions from 2006


Deference And Defiance In Monterrey: Workers, Paternalism, And Revolution In Mexico, 1890-1950, John Lear

The Gender Trouble With Wilderness, Douglas Cazaux Sackman

Angels And Earthly Creatures: Preaching, Performance, And Gender In The Later Middle Ages, Katherine Allen Smith

Mary's Mother: Saint Anne In Late Medieval Europe, Katherine Allen Smith

Submissions from 2005

Jonathan Edwards At Home And Abroad: Historical Memories, Cultural Movements, Global Horizons, William Breitenbach

Victims Of The Chilean Miracle: Workers And Neoliberalism In The Pinochet Era, 1973- 2002, John Lear


Working Women In Mexico City: Public Discourses And Material Conditions, 1879-1931., John Lear

Consumption And The Angel Of History, Douglas Cazaux Sackman

English Society And The Prison: Time, Culture And Politics In The Development Of The Modern Prison, 1850-1920., David F. Smith

Culte Et Pèlerinages à Saint Michel En Occident: Les Trois Monts Dédiés à L'archange, Katherine Allen Smith

Mary Or Michael? Saint-switching, Gender, And Sanctity In A Medieval Miracle Of Childbirth, Katherine Allen Smith

Submissions from 2004


Doughboys, The Great War, And The Remaking Of American (book), Nancy K. Bristow


Inside The Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro And The Urban Underground, John Lear


Labors Appropriate To Their Sex: Gender, Labor, And Politics In Urban Chile, 1900-1930., John Lear


Monuments Of Progress: Modernization And Public Health In Mexico City, 1876-1910, John Lear

History, John Lear, Thomas J. Germano, and Susan K. Besse

Submissions from 2003

Jonathan Edwards And The Bible., William Breitenbach


Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Making Of A Democratic Intellectual (book), William Breitenbach


"You Can’t Do Anything for Influenza": Doctors, Nurses and the Power of Gender during the Influenza Epidemic in the United States, Nancy K. Bristow

Submissions from 2002


The Breast Cancer Wars: Hope, Fear And The Pursuit Of A Cure In Twentieth-century America, Nancy K. Bristow


Integral Outsiders: The American Colony In Mexico City, 1876-1911, John Lear

Rooted In Barbarous Soil: People, Culture, And Community In Gold Rush California, Douglas Cazaux Sackman

Submissions from 2001


Disloyal Mothers And Scurrilous Citizens: Women And Subversion During World War I., Nancy K. Bristow


In Uncle Sam's Service: Women Workers With The American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919., Nancy K. Bristow


Prohibition And Politics: The Life Of Bishop James Cannon, Nancy K. Bristow

Submissions from 1999


Children Of Wrath: New School Calvinism And Antebellum Reform, William Breitenbach


Criminal Justice In The Old World And The New, David F. Smith

Workhouse Children, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1998


The Trajectory Of Latin American Urban History, Diego Armus and John Lear

Submissions from 1997


Forgotten Summers: The Story Of The Citizens' Military Training Camps, 1921-1940 - Kington,dm, Nancy K. Bristow


What Trouble I Have Seen: A History Of Violence Against Wives - Petersondelmar,d, Nancy K. Bristow


A Peaceful And Working People: Manners, Morals, And Class Formation In Northern Mexico, John Lear

Submissions from 1996


Making Men Moral: Social Engineering During the Great War, Nancy K. Bristow


Mexico City - Space And Class In The Porfirian Capital, 1884-1910, John Lear

Submissions from 1995

Fields Of Toil - A Migrant Familys Journey - Valle,i, Nancy K. Bristow


Working In Chiles Free-market, John Lear and J. Collins

Submissions from 1994


From Revivals To Removal, Evarts,jeremiah, The Cherokee Nation, And The Search For The Soul Of America - Andrew,ja, William Breitenbach

Submissions from 1992


Transcendentalist Hermeneutics - Institutional Authority And The Higher Criticism Of The Bible - Grusin,ra, William Breitenbach


Women, Crime, And Custody In Victorian England - Zedner,l, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1990

A Perfect Babel Of Confusion, Dutch Religion And English Culture In The Middle Colonies - Balmer,rh, William Breitenbach

Submissions from 1989


Rhetoric And History In Revolutionary New England, William Breitenbach

Submissions from 1987

Prison Reform In Lancashire, 1700-1850 - A Study In Local-administration - Delacy,m, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1986

Drinking And Imprisonment In Late Victorian And Edwardian Scotland, David F. Smith

Policing The Victorian Community - The Formation Of The English Provincial Police Forces, 1856-80 - Steedman,c, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1985


Portable Utopia - Glasgow And The United-states 1820-1920 - Aspinwall,b, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1984


The Consistent Calvinism Of The New Divinity Movement, William Breitenbach

Child-abuse And Moral Reform In England 1870-1908 - Behlmer,gk, David F. Smith

Grey,george At The Mid-victorian Home-office, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1983


Scottish Prisons Under The General Board Of Directors, 1840-1861, David F. Smith

Submissions from 1982


Unregenerate Doings - Selflessness And Selfishness In New-divinity Theology, William Breitenbach

Submissions from 1981


Nature And Religious Imagination From Edwards To Bushnell - Cherry,c, William Breitenbach

Submissions from 1979

Jebb,joshua And The Mid Victorian Penal-system, 1850-1863, David F. Smith