This collection represents a sample of faculty work from Collins Memorial Library. Collins Memorial Library is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts college libraries and is recognized as an innovative and creative organization. The Library serves as the information gateway of choice for the Puget Sound community. The Library staff embraces and supports the university’s core values of self-expression, collegiality, courage, passion, diversity, leadership, stewardship and environment.


Submissions from 2014


Libraries And Institutional Research, Jane Carlin, Lori Ricigliano, and Ellen Peters

Information Resource Description: Creating And Managing Metadata, Hilary L. Robbeloth


The Native Peoples Of Northern Great Plains Online Digital Images Database, Hilary L. Robbeloth, Jodi R. Roberts, and Carol Drost

Submissions from 2013

Disconnect Between Literature And Libraries: The Availability Of Mentoring Programs For Academic Librarians, Hilary L. Robbeloth, Alice Eng, and Stephanie Weiss


A Modest Movie Migration: Digitizing and providing institutional repository access to a small archive of motion picture films at a liberal arts college, Benjamin A. R. Tucker

Submissions from 2012


Anton Zwemmer: London's Bookseller and Publisher for the Arts, Jane Carlin

Submissions from 2008


Extend Your Experience: The Northwest's Natural and Cultural Landscape, Andrea Kueter, Jane Carlin, Lori Ricigliano, Donna Bachmann, and Peggy Firman

Submissions from 2003


Pink Collar Workers In The Digital Age: Technology And Gender In Academic Libraries, Renée Houston and Lori Ricigliano

Technology, Gender & The Academic Library: “netconnect” Talks To Lori Ricigliano, netConnect and Lori Ricigliano

Submissions from 1996


Engaging Faculty In Technology For Teaching And Research, Lori Ricigliano and Shelley Owen