This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of Philosophy. The faculty has extensive knowledge of the philosophers of ancient Greece and the developments in this dialogue that has extended across the centuries in philosophical traditions developed in Europe, northern Africa, and Asia. Philosophy is a living subject as well, pressing now as much as ever for answers to its central questions. Therefore the department's faculty also presents the best contemporary thinking, upon a foundation of established works from the past.


Submissions from 2014


Subset Realization And The Problem Of Property Entailment, Justin Tiehen

Submissions from 2013


The Cost Of Forfeiting Causal Inheritance, Justin Tiehen

Submissions from 2012


Ectoplasm Earth, Justin Tiehen


Psychophysical Reductionism Without Type Identities, Justin Tiehen

Submissions from 2011

Author Meets Critics: Paul S. Loeb, The Death of Nietzsche's Zarathustra, Paul S. Loeb


Nietzsche’s Transhumanism, Paul S. Loeb


Zarathustra Hermeneutics, Paul S. Loeb


Disproportional Mental Causation, Justin T. Tiehen


Korsgaard's Constitutive Arguments and the Principles of Practical Reason, Ariela Tubert

Submissions from 2010


The Death of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Paul S. Loeb

Zarathustra’s Immoralism, Paul S. Loeb


Constitutive Arguments, Ariela Tubert

Submissions from 2009

The Reality of Our Drives, Paul S. Loeb

The Triumphant Return of Dionysus, Paul S. Loeb


Review of: Freedom and Anthropology in Kant's Moral Philosophy by Patrick R. Frierson., Ariela Tubert

The Affirmation Of Life: Nietzsche On Overcoming Nihilism, Ariela Tubert

Submissions from 2008

Amor Fati and Redemption, Paul S. Loeb

Nietzsche Beyond Aristotle: Posthuman Virtue Ethics, Paul S. Loeb


Suicide, Meaning, and Redemption, Paul S. Loeb

Submissions from 2007


Review of: Spinoza To The Letter: Studies In Words, Texts And Books by Fokke Akkerman and Piet Steenbakkerseds, William H. Beardsley

Submissions from 2006


Review of: Sociable Letters by Margaret Cavendish, William H. Beardsley

Submissions from 2005


Review of: Spinoza's Heresy: Immortality And The Jewish Mind by Steven Nadler, William H. Beardsley

Editorial Foreword, Paul S. Loeb

Finding The Übermensch In Nietzsche's Genealogy Of Morality, Paul S. Loeb

Submissions from 2003


Review of: From Stevin to Spinoza: An Essay on Philosophy in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic by Wiep Van Bunge, William H. Beardsley

Submissions from 2000

The Conclusion Of Nietzsche's 'zarathustra', Paul S. Loeb

Submissions from 1998

The Moment Of Tragic Death In Nietzsche's Dionysian Doctrine Of Eternal Recurrence: An Exegesis Of 'aphorism 341' In The 'gay Science', Paul S. Loeb

Submissions from 1995

Is There A Genetic Fallacy In Nietzsche 'genealogy Of Morals', Paul S. Loeb