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Spring 2012


Black Ice, a publication of the BSU, features art, essays, fashion, humor, poetry, photography, stories rants, and much more.


Table of Contents

My Bedfellow/ Nicci R. Montgomery/ 1

The Arduous Road of a Spelling Bee Pro/ Sunny Wyatt-Nelson/ 3

Modernist Shame/ Hans Ostrom/ 4

Gentle Giant and Spanish Blues/ Isaac s. Lewin/ 5

Oreo/ Tifphanie Wooten/ 6

Break the Bubble/ Casey J. Krolczyk/ 7

What’s Going On?/ Isaac S. Lewin/ 10

Pata Pata/ Isaac S. Lewin/ 11

Five Pieces/ Sandra Rosa Bryant/ 12

The White Mountain/ Shady/ 14

Fashion by Neil Jackson/Neil Jackson/ 15

The Oppressed Need to be Given the Freedom to Speak/ Taymyr Bryant/ 19

The Dig/ Danae Smith/ 20

Untitled/ Faith Matthews/ 21

The Block/ Sha’Ran Lowe/ 22

Personal Reflection/ Tifphanie Wooten/23

My Mother Once Told Me/ Tifphanie Wooten/ 24

I Don’t Get It/ Taymyr Bryant/ 25

Untitled/ Faith Matthews/ 26

The Trayvon Martin Generation: Opening the Casket of Silence/ Ayanna K. Drakos/ 27

A Real Man/ Tifphanie Wooten/ 30

Somebody I Used to Know/Airiel Quintana/ 31

An Open Request to the Board of Trustees/ Anonymous/ 32

Untitled/ Faith Matthews/ 33

Longing/ Nicci R. Montgomery/ 34

The Size of an Ass/ Taymyr Bryant/ 35

My Father’s Confessional Poem/ Renee Simms/ 37

I Stopped Believing in the Tooth Fairy on a Sunday/ Danae Smith/ 38

Boy with Basketball/ Airiel Quintana/ 41

Look at the Calendar/ Crispus Attucks/ 42

Things I mutter/think whilst shopping at Safeway/ Sandra Rosa Bryant/43

Emilia/ Edric Egberuare/ 44

Dance of the All/ Taquenah Bryant/ 49

86’d and Social Class/ Nicci R. Montgomery/ 50

Black Like Me/ Aaron Edwards/ 53

Healing/ Danae Smith/ 54

Asian Poetry From a Half-Filipino White Kid That Grew Up Around Black Folks/John Eklof/ 58

What did you just say?! Is this real life?/ Taylor Harrison and Andrea Fontenot/ 60

Untitled/ Faith Matthews/ 62

Naming Things/ Renee Simms/ 63

Nettie Mae/ Sandra Rosa Bryant/ 64

About the Submitters/ 68

Special Thanks/ 72