Grouped here are class projects—such as zines or other creative works—that were completed collectively by all or most of the students enrolled in a course.


Submissions from 2020


Writing in Nature - ENGL 374 Final Project 2020, Alex Miller, William Amundson, Zeno C. Deleon Guerrero, Sophia Ciserella, Noah A. Crabtree, Checks E. De Guzman, Maya Gerlach, Dana Levy, Grace Low, Henry Rohmer, Skye Rozon, Diego Seira Silvera-Herzog, Mia Strauss, Claire Reilly, and William J. Kupinse

Submissions from 2019


Literature and Environment: Imaginative Interventions in the Climate Crisis, Anna Demsey, Drew Barnicle, Grace Butler, Kelly Stroh, Emilia Witt, Karey Yoshioka, Yuki Morgan, and Anna Edmunds

Submissions from 2015


On Divestment, William Kupinse, Lauren Stuck, Billy Rathje, Elaine Stamp, Leah Shamlian, Olivia G. Cadwell, Parker Brisebois, Taylor Applegate, Clarisse Nakahama, Meg Van Brocklin, Adrian Rampy, Matt Folensbee, Max deGruy, Lili Nimlo, Marissa Irish, Naomi Hill, Alissa Nance, Zalman Robles, Robin Temple, Vanessa Juteau, and Rachel Murphy