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In the fall semester of 2019, the members of ENGL374 engaged in critical conversations about the climate crisis, its impacts on various communities, and the systems that shape how people are affected by the crisis. To share this with the greater community and invite others to participate in these necessary conversations, ENGL374 sponsored an event comprised of a conversation hour and an open mic, both encouraging community growth, bonding, and shared conversations the climate crisis. The event was dedicated to creating a space where people could share works that connected to their personal feelings about the state of the natural world. This took the form of prose, stories, and personal narratives, all reiterating the need for climate mitigation and systemic action.

The event explored different dialogues, feelings, and reactions surrounding the issue of the climate crisis, and sought to unite the participating members over a common denominator: advocating and fighting for climate justice. The event took place on the eve of the Youth Climate Strike on December 5, 2019, and was a part of a series of creative climate events hosted by the University of Puget Sound.

This archive is meant to document and commemorate the works of climate fiction created by the Fall 2019 ENGL374 class, as well as the works shared during the open mic. This collection of climate fiction are not only imaginative interventions of the climate crisis, but are diverse, thoughtful, and straight from the heart. If green studies and ecocriticism are to be about affecting and inspiring change, then the hope is that this collection of creative climate writing can be sparks of change.

We hope to continue the conversation on the climate crisis, not just through our climate fiction but in our everyday choices. It is important that we understand what is happening in our world and who is getting affected. For those not sure how to get involved, Tacoma is a great place to start. We have included a resource section comprised of helpful links to let you know exactly what is going on in our town and what we can do to help combat the climate crisis and be powerful advocates of climate justice.

Resources for learning and getting involved:


  • 350 Tacoma: - 350 Tacoma uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects, take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all. Learn how to get involved!
  • City of Tacoma: - Make your voice heard and learn and get involved in Tacoma city council meetings.
  • University of Puget Sound Eco Club Official Instagram: @pugetsoundeco - Join a community of fellow UPS Eco-warriors and see what we, as a campus, can do to help combat the climate crisis.
  • NWD Resistance: - NWDC Resistance is a grassroots undocumented led movement that works to end the detention of immigrants and stop all deportations.
  • Sunrise Movement Washington Official Instagram: @sunrisemvmt_wa - Go outside the UPS bubble and join the larger Tacoma community of Eco-warriors. Instagram is a great way to stay up to date and involved with current climate issues and events happening right here in Tacoma.

Pacific Northwest

  • Washington Public Disclosure Commission: - Does your elected representative represent you or the fossil fuel industry? This resource lets you see who funds local, county, and statewide political campaigns.
  • Sightline: - Sightline equips the Northwest’s citizens and decision-makers with the policy research and practical tools they need to advance long-term solutions to our region’s most significant challenges.

Indigenous Media Links

  • Ancestral Waters Documentary: - Produced by the founders of Native Daily Network, Ancestral Waters is a story of the Puyallup Tribe’s fight for their treaty, their water and their way of life as they battle against a Liquefied Natural Gas plant built illegally upon the Tribe's traditional lands.
  • Two Spirit Media: - Two Spirit Media is a non-profit media source for all Indigenous issues. Stay up to date, educated, and involved.
  • Native Daily Network: - Aside from being intentional indigenous activism through media, the goal of Native Daily Network is to be a learning tool for all natives to share their culture so that new generations will grow up understanding the various ways native culture is practiced.
  • Support the Protectors of the Salish Sea: - The mission of Protectors of the Salish Sea is to bring long lasting harmony and true peace among all things back to our Salish Sea and beyond through the recognition and understandings of who we all are as human beings.

Activist Media Links

  • Todd Hay: - This is a personal blog run by a member of the Sustainable Tacoma Commission which strives to inform the public about the dangers of Liquified Natural Gas.
  • Sunrise Movement: - Sunrise Movement is an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.

○ Sunrise Movement Washington Official Instagram: @sunrisemvmt_wa

Previous work from past ENGL374 classes:


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