Submissions from 2017

Passio Creative, Molly Agan

Johnson Candy Company, Charlotte Johnson

Crystal Voyage, Kyle King

Dock Street Yoga Boutique, Giana Ribeiro

MITHUN, Chet Selis

Good Vibes Only, Josh Zavisubin

Submissions from 2016

Pacific Brewing and Malting Co., Brett Cooper

Harmon Brewing Company, Sergio Espinoza

Grit City Grindhouse and Alchemy Skateboarding, Nate Foggy

T-Town MMA, James Robinson

Happy Hunting Talent, Matt Shelhamer

Submissions from 2015

Joe Gallagher Art, Christie Chang

Freedom River Outreach, Daniel DeRosa

Wingman Brewers, Todd Detweiler

Marketing Puget Sound, Noah Granow

Joeseppi's Italian Ristorante, Deli and Catering, Isaiah Isaiah

Premier Media Group, Keith Shattuck

Patricia & Company, Kenzy Sorensen

Seattle Speed Track Club, Allanah Whitehall

Gallery of Ambition, Kevin Wong

Comeback Sports, Mike Zuniga

Submissions from 2013

Mad Hat Tea, Sam Egan

Underwater Sports, Patrick Hockridge

Mountain Muesli, Tai Koga

Hughes Agency, David Leslie

One to One Physical Therapy, Alisa Logsdon

The Hippie House, Alex Lunt

Tatanka Take-Out, Alec MacCallum

PJ Hummel & Company, Jackie McElaney

Sergio Mottola Photography, Gregory Nissen

The Pond Farm, Kevin Staehly

Feather & Oar, Lauren Tolfa