Local demands on sterile neutrinos

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Modern Physics Letters A




In a model-independent manner, we explore the local implications of a single neutrino oscillation measurement which cannot be reconciled within a three-neutrino theory. We examine this inconsistency for a single region of baseline to neutrino energy L/E. Assuming that sterile neutrinos account for the anomaly, we find that the local demands of this datum can require the addition to the theory of one to three sterile neutrinos. We examine the constraints which can be used to determine when more than one neutrino would be required. The results apply only to a given region of L/E. The question of the adequacy of the sterile neutrinos to satisfy a global analysis is not addressed here. Finally, using the results of a 3+2 analysis, we indicate values for unknown mixing matrix elements which would require two sterile neutrinos due to local demands only.