A graph polynomial package

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University of theWest Indies Research Report


Mathematics and Computer Science


Presents a listing of PASCAL code that can be used to compute graph polynomials. Describes low-level procedures for managing polynomials in several variables and high-level routines for computing various graph polynomials. The package was written in WEB. The original source code (an ASCII file) can be used together with TEX to create a pretty-printed output, or alternatively, to create a pure PASCAL file that can be passed to a compiler. For this package, the PASCAL output will form a Turbo PASCAL unit a module that is not executable, but which contains a library of procedures. Thus, in order to use this package one must write their own driver program to call the procedures created. The outstanding feature of this package is that the computation of a graph polynomial via the fundamental alogrithm is written as an abstract procedure. That is the procedure that actually performs the fundamental algorithm expects as parameters three procedures. By adjusting these three procedures, one can compute any graph polynomial, with any weighting scheme and it is not necessary to rewrite the fundamental algorithm for each new polynomial. It becomes a simple matter to create a new polynomial once it is understood how the three procedures affect the computation of the resulting polynomial. The addition of a new polynomial to the capabilities of the package is typically accomplished with just a few lines of non-trival new code.