Clinical interpretation of “Occupational Therapy Goal Achievement for Persons with Postacute Cerebrovascular Accident in an On-Campus Student Clinic”

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American Journal of Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and researchers can gain important information from Lavelle and Tomlin's study for initiating programs that meet the needs of a population of persons who typically cannot access occupational therapy services. The study provides evidence of the effectiveness of occupational therapy for persons with postacute CVA for clinicians seeking alternative funding for community-based practice. The study also suggests that the free university clinic in which Lavelle and Tomlin's research took place was providing a valuable service to persons living near the university, creating important links between the university and the community in which it resides. Lastly, the study raises intriguing questions that provide research opportunities for occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and students that can enhance our understanding of the impact of occupational therapy services on persons long after a CVA.