Occupational therapy school-based settings for children with autism spectrum disorder

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Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism


Occupational Therapy


Various reports in the national media have focused on a potentially significant rise in the incidence of autism during the past decade. As such, providing occupational therapy practitioners with a comprehensive guide for practice with people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to be a primary goal of this text. Recognizing that young children grow into adolescents and adolescents grow into adults, this updated edition includes additional content applicable to adults as well as incorporates the findings from the explosion of recent research in this area. Using the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework as a guide, the 24 revised and new chapters provide the information occupational therapy practitioners need to work with individuals with an ASD in client centered and occupation based practice. Also new to this edition are "Did You Know?" boxes highlighting information such as statistics or resources that readers can use to further expand their awareness and knowledge of concepts relevant to providing services to individuals with an ASD. This book is a resource for occupational therapy students and practitioners at all levels.