Emphasizing Writing

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Handbook Of Demonstrations And Activities In The Teaching Of Psychology: Physiological–comparative, Perception, Learning, Cognitive, And Developmental, Vol.ii (2nd Ed.).




"Your Lot in Life" / Sharon Boland Hamill and Catherine Hale / describes a game that promotes students' understanding of contemporary research on developmental issues "Using Feature Films to Teach Social Development" / Chris J. Boyatzis / discusses the use of feature films to promote understanding of children's social development during middle childhood using psychological theory and research "Using Animated Films to Teach Social and Personality Development" / Steven J. Kirsch / discusses having students write term papers about aspects of child and adolescent development depicted in an animated film of their choice "A Collaborative Assignment on the Role of Culture in Child Development and Education" / Chris J. Boyatzis / describes a collaborative project that helped students understand the role of culture in child development and education through an in-depth study of math education in the US and Asia.