The Problem Of Excess Content: Economics, Novelty, And A Long Popperian Tale

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Testing, Rationality, And Progress: Essays On The Popperian Tradition In Economic Methodology




D. Wade Hands is one of the three or four leading figures currently working on economic methodology ... The essays are philosophically sound, and the scholarship is impeccable. This volume is must reading for everyone with a serious interest in economic methodology. -- Daniel M. Hausman, University of Wisconsin, Madison Hands is better on what is good and what is questionable in the Popperian tradition than anyone, Popper included. It is a tour de force. -- Bruce J. Caldwell, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Most economists harbor aspirations to be philosophers, but Wade Hands is one of the handful who manage to effortlessly meld both personas successfully. This book will be the last word on the relationship between Popper and orthodox economics, and the first word on how to transcend those superceded notions of science. It is an instant classic of economic methodology. -- Philip Mirowski, University of Notre Dame ... a thoughtful, sustained reflection... [by] a methodologically sophisticated economist... a valuable contribution to the growing literature in the philosophy of economics. Ethics ... [a] clear diagnosis ... Ricerche Economiche