Young Parenthood Interview

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Interview; Purpose: The purpose of the Young Parenthood Interview is to assess perceptions of one's own family relationships and interactions.; Description: The Young Parenthood Interview (Moore & Florsheim, 2008) was developed in the context of a study that examined interpartner conflict and child abuse risk among African American and Latino adolescent parenting couples. This interview focuses on family and partner relationships and expectations of parenthood. It includes several open-ended questions regarding couples' conflict, conflict resolution, and the occurrence of physical violence between partners. In the development study, interviews were transcribed and coded for the occurrence of mild, moderate, or severe violence (or no violence). In cases where violence had occurred, interview responses were coded to indicate whether the participant was the victim, perpetrator, or both. Coding was completed by undergraduate research assistants, and 20% of the interviews were coded twice. Inter-rater reliability was established for violence severity and victim/perpetrator status.