The Secret of Snail Patterns

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The New York Optimist



siddharth4helsioma.jpg (28 kB)
Fig1. Heliosoma to the left and a pair of Lymnaea to the right

siddharth6odonto-174x278.jpg (10 kB)
Fig2. Scanning electron microscope picture of snail odontophore (or tooth carrier). In the center each individual square pixel is a tooth. Scale bar is 200 micrometers

siddharth3buccalmap-268x253.jpg (11 kB)
Fig3. The buccal Map showing one side of the itsy-bitsy bikini. We orient ourselves around the ganglia using the large labeled cells as our markers. Nerves are indicated coming out of the ganglia. BC indicates the commissure that connects to a mirror image ganglion on the other side.

sidimage1Activity-311x197.jpg (8 kB)
Fig4. Neuron activity. Note the repetitive pattern.

siddharth5morphology-290x147.jpg (7 kB)
Fig5. Morphology of a neuron filled with Lucifer Yellow Dye.

siddharth7phys-302x147.jpg (9 kB)