This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the African American Studies Program. African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program. The program focuses on African American experiences, while recognizing that other academic subjects bear importantly on the understanding of these experiences and should have a place in the African American Studies curriculum.


Submissions from 2016


Review of Environmental Education in China by Gerald A. McBeath and Jenifer Huang McBeath, Denise M. Glover

Submissions from 2012


Clear a Place for Good: New Poems 2006–2012, Hans Ostrom


Hidden Purposes of Undergraduate Creative Writing: Self, Power, and Knowledge, Hans Ostrom


"When Did We Start Just Making Shit Up": Origins of U. S. Pseudocracy, Hans Ostrom and William Haltom

Submissions from 2011

Telling Pictures? Readings of Visual Culture in the Study of Education, Grace Livingston

Submissions from 2010


Dilemmas of Race-Rememory Buried Alive: Popular Education, Nation and Diaspora in Critical Education, Grace Livingston


Foundations of Critical Categories of Justice in Education, Grace Livingston

Making Pasts Unusable for Curriculum Formation: Race and the Entanglements of Nation, Diaspora and the International In Popular Education, Grace Livingston

The Arts and Pedagogy: Intersections and Dilemmas of the Classroom Space and Rehearsal Room, Grace Livingston

Submissions from 2009


Revolutions, Ad Lib, Grace Livingston

The Regulation of Memory and Knowledge for Resistance: Complicities at Work in Feminist and Critical Social Thought, Grace Livingston

Submissions from 2007


Langston Hughes And The Poetry Of A Dream Legally Deferred, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2006


Race And The Habits Of Scholarship Of Critical Social Thought, Grace Livingston

Submissions from 2004

Go, Tigers, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 2003

First Scrutiny, Hans Ostrom

Instrument Of Good Works #59 (st. Benedict), Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1996


Social identities and response to treatment for alcohol and cocaine abuse, Carolyn Weisz

Submissions from 1992

'sierra Nevada Cold Work Moment', Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1991

Womens Friendships - A Collection Of Short-stories - Koppelman,s, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1989

Steinbeck,john - A Study Of The Short Fiction - Hughes,rs, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1988


Elvis Presley and Emily Dickinson in Heaven, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1983

Blake 'tiriel' And The Dramatization Of Collapsed Language, Hans Ostrom

The Disappearance Of Tragedy In Meredith 'modern Love', Hans Ostrom