This collection provides a listing of scholarly articles and papers submitted and published in journals and newspapers by members of the Puget Sound staff.

This collection includes previously published works, some of which are available online. Where possible, we have provided links to summary or full text versions of these works.

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Submissions from 1981


A Note on Global Hicksian Stability Conditions, D. Wade Hands


Unique Non-Boundary Equilibria in the Morishima System, D. Wade Hands


The Masks Of Campbell,joseph, Florence Sandler and D. Reeck

Submissions from 1980


The Cloak of Anonymity and "The Prophecy of John of Bridlington", Michael Curley

Vigilance Paradigm For Preschool-children Used To Relate Vigilance Behavior To Iq And Prenatal Exposure To Alcohol, Cs Herman, Grace L. Kirchner, P. Streissguth, and Re Little


Vigilance paradigm for preschool children used to relate vigilance behavior to IQ and prenatal exposure to alcohol, Grace L. Kirchner, Cynthia S. Herman, Ann P. Streissguth, and Ruth E. Little

Articles on the teaching of Sophocles, Yeats, and Eliot in the secondary school, Geoffrey S. Proehl

Submissions from 1979

The Methodology of Economic Research Programmes, D. Wade Hands


Superconducting hydrides of PdAlx and PdInx alloys, Andrew Rex, C. B. Friedberg, and J. Ruvalds


Superconducting Hydrides of Transition Metal Alloys, Andrew Rex, C. B. Friedberg, and J. Ruvalds

Superconductivity in PdAlx Hydrides, Andrew Rex, C. B. Friedberg, J. Ruvalds, and J. S. Pickel

Submissions from 1978


Thomas Fuller's "Pisgah-Sight of Palestine" as a Comment on the Politics of Its Time, Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1977


The Temple Of Zerubbabel: Pattern For Reformation In Thomas Fuller's Pisgah-Sight and Church-History of Britain, Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1976


Differences In The Vigilance Performance Of Highly Active And Normal Second-grade Males Under Four Experimental Conditions, Grace L. Kirchner


Differences in the vigilance performance of highly active and normal secondary-grade males under four experimental conditions, Grace L. Kirchner

Profile Of A Contemporary - Erdman,david,v., Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1975


A Note On Bertilaks Beard, Michael Curley

Submissions from 1974


Differences in the vigilance performance of second-grade children as related to sex and achievement, Grace L. Kirchner and Irwin J. Knopf