This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the School of Education. Faculty members in the School of Education at the University of Puget Sound have extensive field experience as well as an in-depth commitment to their particular disciplines in education and counseling. While they present at conferences and publish in journals, their first mission is instruction. High quality teaching is the hallmark of the university, and they are evaluated regularly on this aspect of their professional lives through their time at Puget Sound.


Submissions from 2001


Enhancing student achievement on performance assessments in mathematics, John Woodward, Juliet Baxter, and Kara Monroe

Submissions from 2000

The Elements Of Learning, Terence A. Beck

Disciplinary landscapes, interdisciplinary collaboration: A case study, Fred L. Hamel


Use of admissions criteria to predict performance of students in an entry-level master’s program on fieldwork placements and in academic courses, Grace L. Kirchner, Margo B. Holm, and Ronald G. Stone

Use Of Admission Criteria To Predict Performance Of Students In An Entry-level Master's Program On Fieldwork Placements And In Academic Courses, Grace L. Kirchner, R. G. Stone, and M. B. Holm

Inorganic chemistry laboratory manual, Amy E. Ryken

Computers As Mindtools For Schools: Engaging Critical Thinking, 2nd Edition, John Woodward

Submissions from 1999


Rules and reasons: Decimal instruction for academically low achieving students, John Woodward, Juliet Baxter, and Rochelle Robinson

Submissions from 1998


You can’t play if you don’t know the rules: Interpretive conventions and the teaching of literature to lower-track students, Fred L. Hamel and Michael W. Smith

Submissions from 1997


Preparing language arts teachers in a time of reform, Fred L. Hamel, Pamela L. Grossman, and Sheila W. Valencia

Prediction of academic and clinical performance of occupational therapy students in an entry-level master's program, Grace L. Kirchner and Margo B. Holm

The Effects Of An Innovative Approach To Mathematics On Academically Low-achieving Students In Inclusive Settings, John Woodward and J. Baxter


The Effects of an Innovative Approach to Mathematics on Academically Low-Achieving Students in Mainstreamed Settings, John Woodward and Juliet Baxter


A Historical Review Of Technology Research In Special Education, John Woodward and Herbert Rieth

Submissions from 1996

Informed Instruction In Mathematics. Final Project Report, John Woodward and And Others

Submissions from 1995


A Longitudinal-study Of Transitional And Immersion Bilingual Education-programs In One District, Russell Gersten and John Woodward

Commentary on Deborah McCutchen’s “Cognitive processes in children’s writing: Developmental and individual differences.”, Fred L. Hamel

Submissions from 1994

The Language-minority Student And Special-education - Issues, Trends, And Paradoxes, R. Gersten and John Woodward

Prediction of success of physical therapy students in an entry-level master in physical therapy program, Grace L. Kirchner, Margo B. Holm, A. M. Ekes, and R. W. Williams

Ninth grade integrated science curriculum units, Amy E. Ryken


Effects of Curriculum Discourse Style on Eighth Graders' Recall and Problem Solving in Earth Science, John Woodward


The Role Of Models In Secondary Science Instruction, John Woodward

The Misconceptions Of Youth: Errors And Their Mathematical Meaning, John Woodward and Lisa Howard

Submissions from 1993

Integrated Learning - Explicit Strategies And Their Role In Problem-solving Instruction For Students With Learning-disabilities, M. Hollingsworth and John Woodward


Gender As A Moderator Variable In Predicting Success In A Master Of Arts In Teaching Program, Grace L. Kirchner


Gender as a moderator variable in predicting success in a master's program in education, Grace L. Kirchner

The Technology Of Technology-based Instruction: Comments On The Research, Development, And Dissemination Approach To Innovation, John Woodward

Submissions from 1991


Teaching argument as a criteria-driven process, Fred L. Hamel and Ellen M. Anderson

Submissions from 1986

Reaction time, attention and distraction at age 7 years and maternal drinking during pregnancy, Grace L. Kirchner, A. P. Streissguth, H. M. Barr, P. D. Simpson, J. C. Parrish-Johnson, and D. C. Martin

Attention, Distraction And Reaction-time At Age 7 Years And Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Ap Streissguth, Hm Barr, Pd Sampson, Jc PARRISH-JOHNSON, Grace L. Kirchner, and Dc Martin

Submissions from 1984


Intrauterine alcohol and nicotine exposure: attention and reaction time in four-year-old children, Grace L. Kirchner, Ann Pytkowicz Streissguth, Donald C. Martin, Helen M. Barr, Beth MacGregor Sandman, and Betty L. Darby


Intrauterine Alcohol And Nicotine Exposure - Attention And Reaction-time In 4-year-old Children, Ap Streissguth, Dc Martin, Hm Barr, Bm Sandman, Grace L. Kirchner, and Bl Darby

Submissions from 1980

Vigilance Paradigm For Preschool-children Used To Relate Vigilance Behavior To Iq And Prenatal Exposure To Alcohol, Cs Herman, Grace L. Kirchner, P. Streissguth, and Re Little


Vigilance paradigm for preschool children used to relate vigilance behavior to IQ and prenatal exposure to alcohol, Grace L. Kirchner, Cynthia S. Herman, Ann P. Streissguth, and Ruth E. Little

Submissions from 1976


Differences In The Vigilance Performance Of Highly Active And Normal Second-grade Males Under Four Experimental Conditions, Grace L. Kirchner


Differences in the vigilance performance of highly active and normal secondary-grade males under four experimental conditions, Grace L. Kirchner

Submissions from 1974


Differences in the vigilance performance of second-grade children as related to sex and achievement, Grace L. Kirchner and Irwin J. Knopf