This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of Geology. All members of the Geology faculty are actively engaged in research that involves their students. Their research interests span a broad range of topics including the environmental geochemistry of water and sediment from local water bodies, the glacial history of the Puget Sound area, paleomagnetic studies of variations in the earth's magnetic field and past plate motions, the igneous and structural history of the Olympic Peninsula, stable isotope studies of past and present food webs, and the magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Pacific Northwest.


Submissions from 1989


Lithology, Sedimentology, And Genesis Of The Wadena Drumlin Field, Minnesota, Usa, Barry S. Goldstein

Cenozoic block rotations in the Mojave Desert (abs.), Mike Valentine, S. S. Potts, L. L. Brown, and M. P. Golombek

Submissions from 1988

Counterclockwise Cenozoic rotations of the Mojave Desert (abs.), Mike Valentine, L. Brown, and M. P. Golombek

Submissions from 1987

Tectonic rotation of the Barstow area, central Mojave Desert, California, inferred from paleomagnetic evidence (abs.), Mike Valentine, L. Brown, and M. P. Golombex

Submissions from 1985


Structure and tectonics of the southern Gebel Duwi area, Eastern Desert of Egypt, Mike Valentine

Submissions from 1983


Tectonic Trends, Timing, and Mechanics of the Egyptian Edge of the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez: ABSTRACT, Mike Valentine, D. U. Wise, D. Greene, S. Schamel, S. Perry, and H. Abu Zied