This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Humanities Program. The Humanities Program faculty members draw upon the disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, religion, communication studies, art history, and music history to explore fundamental and enduring questions regarding the human condition.


Submissions from 2012


British Theatre and the French Revolution, George S. Erving


The French Revolution and Romantic Period Theatre in Britain, George S. Erving

Submissions from 2009


Coleridge as Playwright, George S. Erving


Ernst Barlach: Bibliographical Listing of Secondary Literature, Kent W. Hooper

Submissions from 2008


The Politics Of Matter: Newtonian Science And Priestleyan Metaphysics In Coleridge's “preternatural Agency”, George S. Erving

Mimetic Desire, Envy, and Violent Rivalry in Blake’s The Four Zoas, George S. Erving


The Politics of Matter: Newtonian Science and Priestleyan Metaphysics in Coleridge’s Preternatural Agency, George S. Erving

Submissions from 2005

John Mcgahern's 'amongst Women': Representation, Memory, And Trauma, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1994

Poetry As Archaeology - Heaney,seamus Poetic Writings - German - Koch,s, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1989

Montague,john And The Poetry Of History, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1987

Yeats,w.b., The Poems - Finneran,rj, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1984

The Importance Of Being Austin + Clarke,austin, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1983

Fragilities And Structures - Poetic Strategy In Kinsella,thomas 'night-walker' And 'phoenix Park', Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1981

Concerning Irish Poetry - Introduction, Robert Garratt

'field Work' - Heaney,s, Robert Garratt

Kavanagh,patrick And The Killing Of The Irish Revival, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1979


Patrick Kavanagh And The Killing Of The Irish Revival, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1976


Road Not Taken: Patrick Kavanagh and Austin Clarke, Robert Garratt

Submissions from 1975

Berryman,john - Linebarger,jm, Robert Garratt