This collection provides a listing of professional presentations written, edited, and presented by members of the Puget Sound staff.

Some of these works are available online. Where possible, we have provided links to a summary of the speech or full text versions of these works.

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Submissions from 2014

Migration, Labor and Business in the Worlding Cities of the Arabian Peninsula, Andrew M. Gardner

Submissions from 2013


Latent Modulation of Neuropathic Pain Intensity via Hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid Axis of Psychogenic Stress, Roger J. Allen


If You See Something, Say Something : an anti-oppression framework for recognizing and responding to microaggressions in our libraries, Eli Gandour-Rood and Benjamin Tucker

Submissions from 2011

Atypical patterns of pain: Pathophysiological origins of pain symptom distributions that differ from traditionally understood anatomical patterns, Roger J. Allen

The effect of respiratory-based therapeutic relaxation modalities on upper trapezius muscle tone in a normal adult sample, Roger J. Allen, Brittany L. Hodgson, Kelsey B. Wallin, and Tonya L. Bennett

Relationship of body awareness to the influence of respiratory-based thereapeutic relaxation on electromyographic activity of the upper trapezius, Roger J. Allen, Brittany L. Hodgson, Kelsey B. Wallin, Tonya L. Bennett, and Alison R. Heartman

Pain distribution quantification using enhanced 'rule-of-nines': reliability and correlations with intensity, sensory, affective, and functional pain measures, Roger J. Allen, Chris Soterakopoulos, Kristina J. Fugere, Willa K. Sorbie, Ariel L. Oksendahl, and Julia Looper

Religion and Canon Law, Greta Austin

The Bishop at Work: Tasks, trials and transformations of diocesan administration, Greta Austin

The Bishop Combats Witches?: Burchard of Worms, his Corrector, and popular practices and beliefs about women and ‘superstition’, Greta Austin

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Interview with Margaret Throsby, Geoffrey Block

The short-term effects of treating plantar fasciitis with a unique, temporary custom foot orthosis and stretching, Bob Boyles, M. Drake, and C. Bittenbender

The Rise and Fall of William Levi Dawson’s Negro Folk Symphony (1934), Gwynne Kuhner Brown

Where there is no library: Doing research at a new university in East Africa, Julie Nelson Christoph

Journey to Arabia: Ethnographic Explorations of the Labor Migrant Experience, Andrew M. Gardner

Teaching in Arabia: An Introduction, Andrew M. Gardner and Sharon Nagy

Insights from JUSTEC for Preparing the Next Chapter of Teacher Education, Fred L. Hamel

Building small intentional partnerships: Forging opportunities for teacher learning, Fred L. Hamel, A. Ryken, and L. Ruiz

Gait Analysis & Treatment Interventions, Jennifer Hastings

Interaction of Posture and Function; A Case Report, Jennifer Hastings

Transfers: How to make them easier, Jennifer Hastings

Length of Inpatient Rehabilitation Stay following a C6-C7 SCI and the Effects on Wellness, Function, and Community Participation, Jennifer Hastings, K. C. Gillespie, R. V. Harris, and M. R. Murphy


The differences in self-esteem, function, and participation between adults with low motor tetraplegia who use power or manual wheelchairs, Jennifer Hastings, Yvette Griffiths, Christina Hamilton, and Hillary Robins

Ora las bolas, ora la pluma: Writing, Power, and Portraiture in Post-Revolutionary Argentina, Brendan Lanctot

Permutaciones transgenéricas: Una lectura comparativa de La prueba de César Aira y Tan de repente de Diego Lerman, Brendan Lanctot

Telling Pictures? Readings of Visual Culture in the Study of Education, Grace Livingston

Author Meets Critics: Paul S. Loeb, The Death of Nietzsche's Zarathustra, Paul S. Loeb

Pain distribution quantification using enhanced ‘Rule of Nines’: Reliability and correlations with intensity, sensory, affective and functional pain measures, Julia Looper, C. Soterakopoulos, K. J. Fugere, W. K. Sorbie, A. L. Oksendahl, and L. Looper


Looking Within and Without: Perspectives from Neuroscience and Art Science, Siddharth Ramakrishnan


Sneak peeks into the brain: Tales that fish and snails can tell, Siddharth Ramakrishnan


An electrically-stimulate optically-record microsystem based on active CMOS multi-electrode array for dissociated cell cultures, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Peng Shi, J. Orcutt, L. Kam, R. Yuste, K. Shepard, and Na Lei


Silence = bullying and death, Conversation = relationships and life, Amy E. Ryken

Race, Nations and Migrants, David Smith

Veterans and Raw Recruits: Spiritual Warfare and the Care of Novices in the Monastery, ca. 1050–1200, Katherine Allen Smith

Monstrous Depictions of the Muslim Other: Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Rennewart, David F. Tinsley

'Parents Give You Power': Gender, Generation, and Privilege in Russia’s Single-Mother Families, Jennifer Utrata

Single Motherhood and the Gender Crisis in Post-Soviet Russia, Jennifer Utrata

Eliding Transitions: Ruth Rendell’s Live Flesh and Pedro Almodóvar’s Carne trémula, Curtis Wasson

‘Perdemos los tipos, pero el hombre se nos revela mejor’: Repetition, Character and the Visual Arts in Benito Pérez Galdós’s Misericordia, Curtis Wasson

Acoustic Effects of Holes in Commercial Cymbals, Randy Worland

Demonstrating the Effect of Air Temperature on Wind Instrument Tuning, Randy Worland

Experimental Study of Vibraphone Pitch Bending using Electronic Speckle-Pattern Interferometry, Randy Worland

Submissions from 2010

Assessing body awareness: resources and applications in physical therapy practice, Roger J. Allen and Alison R. Heartman

Respiratory-based therapeutic relaxation effect on electromyographic activity of the upper trapezius, Roger J. Allen, Brittany L. Hodgson, Kelsey B. Wallin, and Tonya L. Bennett

Effects on episodic vertigo intensity of plantar somatosensory input via direct pressure vs. TENS in patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Roger J. Allen, N. J. Siewert, M. J. Kellow, M. J. Kirchoff, and J. Evans

Temporal relationship between stress and episodic pain flares in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome, Roger J. Allen, N. J. Siewert, M. J. Kellow, M. J. Kirchoff, and J. Evans

Quantitative pain topography assessment: Reliability and functional correlations for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome, Roger J. Allen, K. B. Wallin, A. K. Smith, and C. J. Bittenbender

Law in the Year 1010, Greta Austin

Race in Christian discourses, Greta Austin

The rise of Church law in the year 1010, Greta Austin

Are Jetsunmas female tulkus of the Sakya Khon family?, Elisabeth Benard

Sakya Jetsun Kushok Chime Luding's early life in Tibet, Elisabeth Benard

On second order nonoscillatory scalar linear dynamic equations on time scales, Sigrun Bodine

The efficacy of manual therapy versus placebo ultrasound for mechanical neck disorders, a randomized clinical trial, Bob Boyles, M. J. Walker, B. A. Young, J. B. Strunce, G. Deyle, J. W. Whitman, M. Garber, and R. S. Wainner

Interpreting African-American Spirituals through Arrangement and Performance: Eva Jessye and Jester Hairston, Gwynne Kuhner Brown, Eva Jessye, and Jester Hairston

Keeping the Spirituals Alive: Eva Jessye and Jester Hairston, Gwynne Kuhner Brown, Eva Jessye, and Jester Hairston

‘Please refer to the line above’: Writing and the Personal on Both Sides of the Technological Divide, Julie Nelson Christoph

Tanzania’s Great Experiment Revisited: Sponsorship of Literacy in Contemporary Zanzibar, Julie Nelson Christoph

The Astrologer's Apparatus A Picture of Professional Practice in Greco-Roman Egypt, James Evans

Tracking the Cosmos: The Technology of the Antikythera Mechanism, James Evans

Thirst in Medieval French Literature , Sandy Evans

Engulfed: Indian Guest Workers, Bahraini Citizens, and the Structural Violence of the Kafala System, Andrew M. Gardner

In the Shadows of Skyscrapers: Labor Migrants in the Petroleum States of the Arabian Peninsula, Andrew M. Gardner

Labor Camps, Social Segregation and Urban Space in the Gulf, Andrew M. Gardner

Rumor and Myth in the Labor Camps of Qatar, Andrew M. Gardner

The Adaptationists' Two-Front War, Mott Greene

Navigating through Turbulence: Implcations for employees, companies and governments, Leon Grunberg

Assessing our Partnership Programs, Fred L. Hamel

First Contact: Initial Responses to Cultural Disequilibrium in a Short-term Teaching Exchange Program, Fred L. Hamel, K. Chikamori, Y. Ono, and K. Burris

Co-designing an Intentional Partnership: Professional Educators Standards Boards Workshop for Tacoma Area Districts and Schools of Education, Fred L. Hamel and P. Edwin

Shifting the Literacy Paradigm: Performing Monologues with 9th Graders in an Urban High School, Fred L. Hamel; A. Lavold, A.; J. Zamira; and R. Bell

It’s Like When You Are at a Dance . . . .’: Possibilities and Dangers of Models, Analogies and Representations in Teaching Science, Fred L. Hamel, J. Tamashiro, A. Ryken, and Steven Neshyba

NMR spectroscopy in nondeuterated solvents (No-D NMR): Appplications in the undergraduate organic laboratory, John Hanson

Functional mobility and transfers in Spinal Cord Injury- Facilitating learning through optimal teaching, Jennifer Hastings

Managing Uncertainty: Ethics & Religion, Suzanne Holland

The Politics of Immigration Reform, Great Expectations and the Politics of Reform, Robin Dale Jacobson

Identifying and overcoming barriers to understanding research using participatory action research with occupational therapy students, Anne Birge James

Gender, Genocide, and Jewish Memory, Judith W. Kay

Jewish Literacies and the Holocaust, Judith W. Kay

Religion and the Death Penalty, Judith W. Kay

Would’a, Could’a, Should’a: Giving up Blame in a Blaming World, Judith W. Kay

Representaciones inmigratorias, mercado y orden (neo)liberal en la escritura de Washington Cucurto, Brendan Lanctot

Doing a number on it: Going crazy with the Blackboard and embracing Moodle en español, Brendan Lanctot, Pepa Lago-Grana, Cindy Riche, and Harry Vélez-Quiñones

Are there Spatial Spillovers in the Adoption of Clean Technology? The Case of Organic Dairy Farming, David j. Lewis

Making Pasts Unusable for Curriculum Formation: Race and the Entanglements of Nation, Diaspora and the International In Popular Education, Grace Livingston

The Arts and Pedagogy: Intersections and Dilemmas of the Classroom Space and Rehearsal Room, Grace Livingston

Zarathustra’s Immoralism, Paul S. Loeb

Genomic responses during interspecies hybridization and their implications for evolutionary change in the genus Arabidopsis, Andreas Madlung

Microbial Friends Where New Students Least Expect Them: The Microbiology of Water Bottles, Mark O. Martin

From Ernest Shackleton to Thomas Watson, Sr., Herb Kelleher, and Rich Teerlink: Business Leadership and the Value of Historical Understanding, Jeffrey J. Matthews

From Vietnam to the Persian Gulf War: The Education of General Colin Powell, Jeffrey J. Matthews

VEGF and HB-EGF expression and localization in chronically overloaded rat plantaris and soleus muscle, Gary McCall, K. C. Parvaresh, R. L. Brochin, A. M. Huber, P. L. Bachon, and G. E. McCall

Social Injustice, John McCuistion

'Metabiographical' Slave Names in Plutarch's Roman Lives, at the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest, Aislinn Melchior

Scanning electron microscopy and molecular dynamics of ice: What is the origin of trans-prismatic strands, Steven Neshyba, William Pfalzgraff, and Martina Roeselova

Augustan Reconstruction and Roman Memory, Eric Orlin

Calculus Tutorial: Derivatives, Andrew F. Rex

Calculus Tutorial: Integrals, Andrew F. Rex

Enhancing Professional Identify Development Through the Use of Social Media, Amy E. Ryken

Earth Quake!: How Ishi and the Others Survived the Modern World's Big One, Douglas Sackman