I propose to look at the rising discourse within men’s rights groups about “feminism as the enemy” and argue that men’s rights groups and feminists have a common enemy within the patriarchy. Groups such as Men Going Their Own Way and Incels perpetuate mysoginistic philosophies on the internet and are becoming popular groups for men experiencing the toxic effects of patriarchal masculine standards. In order to understand and fight the rise in violent men’s groups the philosophies of intersectional feminists may be crucial in “selling feminism” to these groups. I will collect first hand accounts of Men’s Right’s philosophies on common message boards such as 4Chan, incels.co, and Reddit and analyze the intersection of how toxic masculinity affects both men and women. I will use the theoretical lenses proposed by Kimberle Crenshaw and bell hooks. I hypothesize that men’s rights groups are struggling with many of the same conditions women are subjected too, however they are unable to recognize that these conditions originate in the patriarchy rather than in feminist ideals.

First Advisor

Greta Austin

Date of Completion

Fall 12-18-2020

Degree Type