Translational research (TR) is a new categorization for the efforts of biomedical research and emphasizes efficiency in achieving population health improvements through the application of basic science knowledge in clinical practice. It will be argued that the current emphasis on speed and collaboration with industry established by national policies provides challenges to maintaining the integrity of scientific research. There is no agreed upon definition of TR and the current standard of judging the success of TR focuses on product production. I propose that the principles of beneficence and responsive justice should be used to inform the values of TR and to produce an agreed upon definition for TR. I will also suggest possible actions and changes to help incorporate the principles of beneficence and responsive justice into the translational framework that include greater reflection throughout the translational process about its priorities, increased role of implementation research, and the communication of negative results in addition to positive results.

First Advisor

Benjamin Lewin

Second Advisor

Suzanne Holland

Third Advisor

Kristin Johnson

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology

Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2017


Interdisciplinary Studies