This study analyzed self-report and video recorded data from 19 dating couples in order to better understand the attributes agency (AG), communion (CM), unmitigated agency (UA), and unmitigated communion (UC), their interactions with the Structural Analysis of Social Behavior (SASB) interpersonal circumplex and the attributes’ effects on dating relationships. The participants filled out self-report surveys on relationship satisfaction as well as measures that capture each participant’s exhibited AG, CM, UA, and UC. Participants completed the same surveys six months later as well. Additionally, they were asked to discuss a conflict in their relationship for ten minutes, an interaction that was video recorded. Findings did not show significant gender differences on the attributes. Correlations between the four attributes and the measures of interpersonal interaction mostly did not reach significance and it was found that greater UA correlated with shorter relationship length and greater UC correlated with shorter relationship longevity. This paper suggests complexity in the four attributes that research has not previously captured that may be related to changing emphasis on gender roles or using observational instead of self-report data to capture interpersonal interactions.

First Advisor

David R. Moore, PhD.

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Jill Nealey-Moore, PhD.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2019



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Psychology Commons