The authors collaborated with a team of clinicians at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in Gig Harbor, WA to identify the need for measures of UE functional use that are most appropriate to utilize with the two largest client populations at their facility, stroke and Parkinson’s disease (PD). In order to meet the clinical utility characteristics identified as important by the clinicians, the authors searched two databases that contain overviews of assessments. This search identified five stroke assessments and two PD assessments that met the clinical utility parameters outlined by the clinicians. The authors then conducted a systematic literature search to identify any relevant studies pertaining to each assessment. These studies were reviewed and the results presented in the form of a critical appraisal of the topic (CAT) that included the purpose, measure, population, psychometric characteristics, results and limitations of the studies. The initial search for articles yielded 869 articles, 33 of which met the inclusion criteria. The authors recommend use of the Chedoke Arm and Hand Activity Inventory-9 assessment with clients post-stroke due to its robust evidence and wide variety of levels of impairments post-stroke included in the studies, and use of the Muscle Disorder Society’s Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale assessment with clients with PD due to its inclusion of functional tasks and higher volume of research.

The knowledge translation implementation phase of the project involved an in-service (interactive demonstration and scoring) and two brochures outlining the findings related to each assessment. A follow-up survey measured the effectiveness of the in-service and the value of the research to clinicians’ occupational therapy practice at their clinic. The survey results indicated that the clinicians found the research helpful and the knowledge translation process efficient. In addition, they indicated that it is likely that they will implement the CAHAI and the MDS-UPDRS assessments at their facility.

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Tacoma, Washington


University of Puget Sound

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Wendell Nakamura, MOT, OTR/L

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Occupational Therapy

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Master of Science


Occupational Therapy


University of Puget Sound

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