The authors collaborated with Mary Matthews-Brownell, OTR/L at the American Lake Veterans Affairs (VA). Our research question was, “What evidence is there to support best practices for veteran re-engagement in meaningful activities to promote overall quality of life for veterans who have sustained a stroke?” In response to Mary’s specific interest in the research supporting the use of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) and her desire to have concrete data to support her intervention outcomes, we chose to host an in-service on the use of the COPM for the occupational therapists at the VA.

To monitor the impact of the in-service and use of the COPM in practice, we gave three surveys. The first survey was given before the in-service to measure the therapists’ knowledge of the COPM and its use with clients. The second survey was given immediately after the in-service to rate confidence in implementing the use of the COPM. The final survey was given five weeks post-implementation to gauge perception in the COPM’s usefulness in developing goals and measuring client performance and satisfaction. We recommend continued use of the COPM as a way to identify client interests and promote engagement in meaningful activities for veterans who have sustained a stroke.

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