Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Project Chairperson

George Tomlin

Second Advisor

Renee Watling


lower extremity, edema, heart failure, cardiac, compression bandaging, intervention


The collaborating practitioner for this evidence project, Lauren Brown, OTRJL, works in an inpatient acute care setting in the Colorado University hospital. The researchable (PICO) question for this evidence project was raised by the collaborating practitioner as, "What is the evidence that using lower extremity multilayer compression bandaging is a safe and effective intervention for clients with heart failure in acute care to decrease lower extremity edema or lessen the impact of venous ulcers?" The evidence appraisal process found that lower extremity compression is safe for clients with stable heart failure, and may be safe for clients with severe heart failure given close monitoring and consideration of individual client factors. The knowledge translation process for this project consisted of the compilation of key findings and implications into the form of an informative handout. This handout was accompanied by a knowledge translation survey aimed to measure the respondents' levels of knowledge and support regarding the use of the intervention both before and after reading the handout. The intended respondents were healthcare professionals in the collaborating practitioner's setting, including occupational therapists, rehabilitation personnel, nurses, and physicians. Survey data showed a statistically significant increase in the level of knowledge surrounding the use of the intervention within the client population. Recommendations for future follow-on projects include further experimental research on lower extremity compression for edema in clients with severe heart failure as well as the use of this evidence project as a starting point for the creation of an official protocol in the collaborating practitioner's setting.

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