Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Project Chairperson

Aimee Sidhu

Second Advisor

Renee Watling

Third Advisor

George Tomlin


Music Listening, Chronic Pain, Orthopedic Pain


In collaboration with Molly Allison, MS OTR/L, CHT, SMS of Holistic Orthopedics, the purpose of this systematic review and knowledge translation project was to analyze the effect of auditory based interventions (ABI) on pain in adults with orthopedic conditions. The research team investigated randomized control trials (RCTs) and one-group pre-post studies that included adult participants with an orthopedic condition, using any type of ABI chosen by the researcher or patient, lasting any duration, and in any setting. Out of the 19 studies that met in inclusion criteria, 18 studies provided moderate to strong evidence to support the use of ABI, specifically music listening (ML), for decreasing pain in adults with orthopedic conditions. Analysis of study utilized music through the use of a music player and headphones, for short or long durations, and were administered in the home or hospital environment. Knowledge translation back to the facility included dissemination of a presentation an practitioner pamphlet synthesizing the evidence and providing protocols based on specific studies. A pre-post survey was delivered to the practitioners in the facility to assess their understanding of ABI along with the likelihood they will use the information to guide their practice. Future research should focus specifically on the use of ABI in occupational therapy interventions with larger sample sizes and randomized sampling procedures. Future recommendations for the knowledge translation project include developing a client directed pamphlet on ML to be distributed to the facility's client's experiencing orthopedic pain.

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