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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Project Chairperson

Shelly Norvell

Second Advisor

Renee Watling

Third Advisor

George Tomlin


indocyanine green lymphography, lymphedema diagnosis, lymphedema assessment


The authors collaborated with Kate Long, OTR/L, CL T who is currently practicing at Legacy Salmon Creek Rehabilitation outpatient clinic, to answer the research question, "How effective is indocyanine green lymphography (ICG-L) in diagnosing and guiding treatment of adult clients suspected of having lymphedema compared to other assessment methods?" Results of the in depth literature review provided moderate evidence to support the use of the ICG-L assessment method for obtaining an early, conclusive diagnosis of lymphedema. Findings also showed that imaging of individual lymphatic flow can assist certified lymphedema therapists (CLTs) in delivering personalized treatment to their clients. Compared to other diagnosing methods, ICG-L does not involve radioactive substances, is able to record lymphatics in real time, and has a higher specificity rate. Limitations of ICG-L include requiring injection of a dye and limited visualization of deep lymphatics. An informational pamphlet product was assembled to assist our collaborator in informing clinicians about the merits of ICG-L. The literature review guided the development of the pamphlet, which consisted of a description of ICG-L, along with how it differs from other lymphedema assessments. A survey was provided to the collaborator and her colleagues to measure perceptions of the understandability and usability of the pamphlet prior to distributing it to other CLTs and referring clinicians. The goal was to ensure it contained all pertinent information required for effective use in educating CLTs and referring clinicians about the assessment method. Based on the results of this project, it is recommended that CLTs and referring clinicians consider the use of ICG-L for conclusively diagnosing lymphedema and aiding in personalized treatment for affected clients.

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