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The need for better communication systems in prisons is dire and will reduce recidivism rates in the United States. Not only is communication via phone lines extremely expensive and corrupt, it is almost impossible. Inmates in United States Prisons need this availability and option to communicate with their families and maintain outside relationships. While maintaining healthy and positive relationships is good for inmate's mental health, it also decreases the risk of recidivism. This paper aims to highlight the benefits of phone communication and relationships between inmates and family on the outside for it will decrease the 50% recidivism rate that currently stands in the United States prison system.


University of Puget Sound

Faculty Advisor

William Haltom

Publication Date

Winter 12-18-2016






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Communication Technology and New Media | Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | First Amendment | Human Rights Law | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Law and Politics | Legal Remedies | Political Science | Social Influence and Political Communication