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Originally completed as a manuscript in 1917

Edited by Chuck Luce

Dedicated to the Historical Society of the Puget Sound Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church



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University of Puget Sound




methodist church, diary, University of Puget Sound, History


Rev. LeSourd originally dictated his autobiography to his first wife, Maggie, who wrote it down in longhand. It was later typed from the original by Charlotte Riemer, secretary to then University of Puget Sound President Edward H. Todd. The handwritten manuscript is lost; this text was created from the typed version, two copies of which are housed in the University of Puget Sound Archives at Collins Memorial Library (Library of Congress call number BX8495 .L67; OCLC 444904904).

In editing the text I verified names and dates to the degree possible, corrected spellings, and applied consistent style and punctuation, but I did not interfere with LeSourd’s voice or recollection of events. In several instances LeSourd expresses opinions or describes scenes in a way that would be considered insensitive today. Since these passages help us understand LeSourd’s time and place in history, they appear as written. In a very few other cases the typescript was missing a line or skipped a phrase. When absent words could not be inferred, the text skips to the next full line.

My extreme gratitude to University of Puget Sound student Lestraundra Alfred, who spent a good part of her sophomore year, between her studies, rekeying the manuscript for digital reproduction, and to Jim Walker, archives and history chair for the Pacific Northwest United Methodist Conference, and Dick Seber, of the Methodist Church, for their assistance. Thanks also to Pat Mallinson for reading the manuscript and for her usual sharp eye.

An Itinerant’s Career: Dedicated to the Historical Society of the Puget Sound Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church