The Race & Pedagogy National Conference is a quadrennial gathering hosted by the University of Puget Sound that endeavors to confront inequality and discrimination in education and to seek solutions.


Submissions from 2014

Between Principles and Practice: Tensions in Anti-Racist Education - 2014 Race & Pedagogy National Conference, Heather Bruce, Robin DiAngelo, Gyda Swaney (Salish), and Amie Thurber

Winona LaDuke: A Swope Endowed Lecture on Ethics, Religion, Faith, and Welfare - 2014 Race & Pedagogy National Conference, Winona LaDuke, Michael Benitez Jr., and Dave P. Wright

Coaching and Professional Development for Teachers of Diverse Learners - 2014 Race & Pedagogy National Conference, Annela Teemant, Amy Wilson, and Catherine Bhathena

Institutionalizing transformative differentiation practices: Teacher Educator and Teacher Interpretations - 2014 Race & Pedagogy, Annela Teemant, Amy Wilson, and Catherine Bhathena


Race and Pedagogy National Conference 2014 Program, University of Puget Sound

Submissions from 2010

Toward renewed pedagogical praxis and partnerships for the educational excellence of students of color in the formal classroom and beyond, Terry Beck, Frederick Douglas Alcorn, Carol Bonilla-Bowman, and Claire Peinado Fraczek

Access This! Pedagogies and Politics for Educational Justice, Sandra L. Dahlberg, Theresa Ann Case, Jeffrey W. Flosi, Chuck Jackson, and Dagmar Scharold

Doing Art at Racialized Intersections: Marita Dingus’ Responsibility Figures in Your Classroom, Marita Dingus

The Lincoln center extended school day model: It ain't rocket science: school reform in Washington State, Patrick Erwin, Amy Lavold, Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, and Sara Balk

Shifting the literacy paradigm : writing, performing, and transforming monologues with 9th graders in an urban high school, Fred Hamel, Rosalind C. Bell, Amy Lavold, and Jennifer Zamura

Troubling pedagogical and curricular foundations of teaching and learning in our 'post racial' moment, Emily Ignacio, Jerry Rosiek, and Kevin Kumashiro

Tacoma and Food: Creating a Food Equitable City, Dean Jackson, Glynnis Kirchmeier, Stephanie Leisle, Kristen McIvor, and Danielle Harrington

Revolutionizing the education reform debate, Thelma A. Jackson, Anh Nguyen, Amy Wilkes, and Karen Waters

The Education Reform Revolution: A Movement Whose Time Has Come!, Thelma Jackson, Bernal Baca, Chris Korsmo, and Carla Santorno

Where Pedagogy Meets Politics, Strategy and Money, Rosalund Jenkins, Lyle Quasim, Mary Alice Heuschel, and Josh Garcia

Culture and Pedagogic Competencies: Teacher Professional Development at the Crossroads of Our Critical Moment, Erin Jones

Where Do We Learn From Here: The Rhetoric and Politics of (Dis)Integration, Mark McPhail

History and Rhetoric of Our Racial Present, Susan A. Owen, Mark Lawrence McPhail, and Michael K. Honey

Closing the Achievement Gap: Tacoma Youth Lend Their Voices, Vision, and Experiences to the Conversation, Laurie Fisher Ruiz and Bill Hanawalt

Courage, Creativity and Innovation in Educational Leadership and Transformation, Douglas Cazaux Sackman and Cheryl Crazy Bull

Turning the Vision into Reality: Integrating Academic Preparation, Advising, Mentoring and Financial Aid into a College-Going Culture, Steve Schain, Judy Brockhoff, Trevor Kagochi, and Carrie Staloch

Making Mathematical Excellence For Our Children: How Policy, Pedagogy and Culture Meet, David Scott, Maria del Rosiario Zavala, Kandy Cassaday-Steel, and Rosanne Fulton

Having a Say/Leading the Way: Narratives of Distress/Visions for Success for Academic Women of Color, Mary-Antoinette Smith, Natasha Martin, Pamela Taylor, Sharon Cumberland, Sharon Suh, and Mo-Kyug Sin

Beating the odds: higher education's role in preparing minority students for success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Ronald R. Thomas, Freeman A. Hrabowski, Lyle Quasim, Patricia Spakes, and Artee Young

Programs that work in helping underrepresented students graduate from high school and attend college, Laura Tyler, Kim Renee Bobby, Neiri Carrasco, Lull Mengesha, and Clarence J. Dancer


Race and Pedagogy National Conference 2010 Program, University of Puget Sound

What does it take to prepare all students for college; the story of two high schools, Dan Wolfrom, Colleen Philbrook, and Bernadette Ray