Turning the Vision into Reality: Integrating Academic Preparation, Advising, Mentoring and Financial Aid into a College-Going Culture

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Students of color from low-income families need more than access to information to be successful in navigating the path from high school to college. Personal relationships and supports are essential in helping them to be successful in both getting into college as well as graduating. These relationships and supports can provide the safety and trust that will allow them to be heard and in turn allows them to see the options and opportunities available to them in obtaining a college degree. Several high school-focused programs and efforts at Lincoln High School and in the Hilltop community have demonstrated that such supports can and do make a difference in the college going-rate of minority students. Following an 18-minute DVD presentation entitled "The Scholarship Interviews," panelists describe how their efforts are helping students succeed in addressing the personal and programmatic issues they must confront to graduate high school and enter college. Representatives from the Palmer Scholars program address how it helps 90% of its college scholars graduate through its focus on developing strong personal relationships through its mentoring and staff supports, interventions and monitoring of its more than 100 Palmer Scholars.

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