Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016)

Welcome to the second issue of Relics, Remnants, and Religion: An Undergraduate Journal of Religious Studies! Religious studies does not have a clearly established definition. As an academic field, religious studies challenges the idea of having entirely separated fields of study. With the study of religion comes the study of history, art, anthropology, gender, science, law, and so much more. This academic fluidity is a benefit to this journal, as it allows the inclusion of pieces on a vast array of topics. This journal serves as an introduction to the variety of themes that can be explored in religious studies. Each contribution adds to a conversation on its particular topic, but it also contributes to a larger conversation on the study of religion. Welcome to our journal, and welcome to the scientific, religious, magical world of religious studies! Sincerely, Dan Otsuki, Emily Santor, Emma Christen, and Kristina Sinks



Nuns in the 'Hood
Emma Mcallister


Foreword to Journal Art
Emily Beth Santor


LGBTQ Buddhism
Jae Bates


Dan Otsuki, University of Puget Sound


Emma Christen, University of Puget Sound

Emily Santor, University of Puget Sound

Kristina Sinks, University of Puget Sound

Faculty Advisor

Professor Greta Austin, University of Puget Sound