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Is Academics Inclusive?


The following question was discussed, “Is academics inclusive?” The method was archival and autoethnographic. Immanuel Kant’s racist views were discussed in relation to his ethics, for the purpose of considering how biographical material could shed light on understanding his ethics. In addition, the author focused upon their own experience as a racialized Canadian student from about 1989 to 2002, about 12 years, cumulating in a doctorate, specializing in the philosophy of mathematics, and further work he did in the social sciences, thereafter, leading to another doctorate in educational studies and sessional work. Finally, some suggestions are offered to make academics more inclusive: (1) Use diverse materials to teach, specifically, from non-Western sources. (2) Explore the racist views of those that are studied to help us better understand their work. And (3), involve diverse students, teachers, and researchers in education.