Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015)

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Sound Decisions: An Undergraduate Bioethics Journal! This journal will hopefully become a source of knowledge, inspiration, and passion-driven writing regarding Bioethical issues on the Puget Sound campus, as well as around the world. In setting out to start this journal, we the editors had several things in mind. First, to put forth a publication filled with student work that is insightful, powerful and well written. Second, we sought to create a place that students could spark discussion regarding Bioethical issues. Third, and finally, we wanted to utilize the momentum we have found in bioethics with the beginning of the emphasis as program on this campus, and create as many opportunities for students to learn about bioethics as possible. This journal will serve as an outlet for students in the Bioethics Emphasis program, as well as members of the Bioethics Club. We would like to thank Peggy Burge and Ben Tucker for all of their help in getting this off the ground. We would also like to thank Suzanne Holland for her passion, guidance and general greatness in helping us to do this. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our inaugural issue!

Aaron Pomerantz, EIC

Rae Nathan, Editor

Lizzy Hegedus, Editor




Aaron Pomerantz, University of Puget Sound Class of 2015

Student Associate Editors

Lizzy Hegedus, University of Puget Sound Class of 2017

Rae Nathan, University of Puget Sound Class of 2017

Faculty Advisor

Suzanne Holland, John B. Magee Professor of Science & Values & Director of the Bioethics Program, University of Puget Sound