Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016)


Welcome to the second issue of Sound Decisions: An Undergraduate Bioethics Journal! I’d like to start by thanking Suzanne Holland and Peggy Burge for all of their help, encouragement, and guidance throughout this publication process, as Sound Decisions would not be possible without their support. In continuing this journal, we hope to provide a platform for students to share their thoughts on relevant bioethical issues, and thereby spark discussion of these issues both within our campus community and beyond. This issue features a selection of insightful and thought-provoking student works largely centered around questions of medical ethics. From end-of-life care to life extension, from human eugenics to questions of animal rights in research, the authors of these works have confronted morally challenging topics through the framework of bioethics and put forward their own arguments regarding what ought to be done. Some aspects of these arguments may resonate with you, and some you may disagree with, but consideration of a diversity of opinions is necessary for reaching a deeper understanding of these complex issues. I encourage you to read, reflect, and engage in further discussion!

Frances Welsh, Editor-in-Chief




Frances Welsh, University of Puget Sound Class of 2017

Associate Editor

Caitlin Kerwin, University of Puget Sound Class of 2017

Faculty Advisor

Suzanne Holland, John B. Magee Professor of Science & Values & Director of the Bioethics Program, University of Puget Sound