Faculty Advisor

Valentine, Mike

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2012


A series of fifteen lava flows were sampled off of Oregon’s Forest Road 2649 were sampled for paleomagnetic study. The flows are exposed on a south-facing slope overlooking Scott Creek. Ten to twelve samples were taken at each of the fifteen sites. The purpose of this study is to analyze the behavior of the geomagnetic field during the eruption of these lavas. Preliminary paleomagnetic analysis using standard alternating field demagnetization has yielded the magnetic directions seen in Figure 5. The data show a clustering of virtual geomagnetic pole (VGP) positions in Northern Asia with several other VGPs scattered in the northern hemisphere. All of the data shows a normal polarity in the Earth’s magnetic poles. Analysis of remaining samples should better define magnetic directions and VGPs.


University of Puget Sound

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Geology Commons