Faculty Advisor

Marcavage, Janet

Area of Study

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Date

Summer 2013


What methods do photographers use to insert their creative voice into photography, and how do these methods affect aesthetic qualities and viewer’s interpretation of the final product? This was a prominent question I sought to answer in hopes of utilizing the results within my own art. Intrigued by the cultural concept of photography’s ability to “capture a moment” versus the methodical, perhaps even mechanical nature of commercial photography, my research led me to explore how “captured moments” could be artificially manufactured, and in turn to explore how commercial photos can be captured from a serendipitous moment.

My focus on portraiture originated from my interest in how a photographer’s perspective affects our understanding of the subject- more specifically, I was interested in how this understanding differs from commercial portraiture to fine art portraiture. I divided my work into commercial and fine art portraiture, photographing and studying both fields in order to understand the differences between and apply the information to my own work. This interest involves understanding the relationship between the photographer and the model, a complex dynamic that I hope to continue exploring within future work.

The following are photographs I’ve taken over the course of my research, from my experiences within both commercial and fine art portraiture.


University of Puget Sound