Faculty Advisor

Elliott, Greg

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2013


Nanowires are conductive wires that have a constrictive width that is only a few atoms across. Scientists are just now starting to look deeper into the properties of nanowires and how they can be useful in the construction of nanostructures. In order to gain a better understanding the properties of nanowires, I will be conducting an experiment that examines how the diameter of the wire compares with its electrical conductive properties, once the wire has been etched down to an atomic level. This process involves using a very controlled method of creating a nanowire. I can use a dilute nitric acid to corrode a copper wire down to an atomic level and then when I run a current through it, I will be able to analyze how the conductance varies with the diameter of the nanowire.


University of Puget Sound