Faculty Advisor

Richards, Brad

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2017


As the technology sector grows, the need for computer programmers is increasing. This has led to efforts to train and hire more teachers, and to make teachers more effective. Previous studies have shown that the strategies a novice programmer employs to solve a homework assignment early in the term can indicate how well they will do on future coursework, and these approaches hold the promise of identifying struggling students automatically, early in the term. The majority of these studies have focused their analysis on relatively small groups of students. Blackbox, a database of program-editing traces collected from the novice-oriented IDE BlueJ, provides a dataset of solutions from almost two million novice programmers to investigate. This research identified and collected information on a group of novice programmers working on the same problem, in addition to proposing a new Programming State Model to guide future analysis.


University of Puget Sound