Faculty Advisor

Boisvert, Luc

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2018


This research synthesized and analyzed novel catalysts that can effectively form amides. An amide is a chemical group commonly found in many pharmaceuticals and biochemicals, such as proteins. In fact, about 30% of pharmaceuticals contain an amide, and the formation of amides leads to corrosive and toxic by-products which are especially problematic on the large industrial scale. Green Chemistry has proven to be a critical tool in providing innovative solutions by making the industrial production of chemicals more sustainable and safe. The pharmaceutical industry has some of the most inefficient reactions in the chemical industry mainly due to the complexity of pharmaceutical syntheses. Catalysts which are species that speed up a chemical reaction without being consumed have been employed for amide formation to eliminate harmful waste products and increase efficiency; however, there are no catalysts that are effective enough to be adopted on the industrial scale. New classes of catalysts were investigated along with several bifunctional catalyst compounds.


University of Puget Sound