Faculty Advisor

Chiu, David

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2020


Efficient data management is vital any organization that access databases. Because computers’ hard drives are slow, the more data that is stored, the longer it takes to access useful information. To improve the speed of data retrieval, caching is technique that can be used to store frequently-used results in fast levels of computer memory. By storing query results in a cache, we can narrow the search of future database queries and improve the speed of similar queries. However, most systems are not able to reserve large chunks of memory for this cache storage. A cache replacement algorithm can limit and control the amount of memory the cache consumes by determining which cache entries to remove in order to make space for new entries. This research finds the most efficient replacement policy for our cache that provides an acceleration to database queries without requiring an exorbitant amount of memory.




University of Puget Sound