Faculty Advisor

Steven Neshyba

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2021


RNA world theory posits RNA as the precursor to both DNA and proteins, and consequently all life on earth, but it is debated how exactly this occurred. Many hypotheses posit that RNA formed first in aqueous water, but RNA degrades very quickly in aqueous solutions at room temperature. In this study, we focus on the chemistry of RNA on ice. Not only does ice protect the RNA from hydrolysis, it may also serve as a catalyst for various reactions between separate RNA strands. Past studies have confirmed that the orientation of the RNA strand on the ice lattice is important in this regard. Thus we will be investigating the orientation of the phosphodiester group for the CC, CG, and GG dinucleotides to elucidate their behaviors while in an ice slab environment.




University of Puget Sound