Faculty Advisor

Tepper, Jeff

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2021


Waughop lake is a small kettle lake formed in the depression of a melting ice block around 12 thousand years ago. Like many other lakes and marine environments, Waughop is plagued with hazardous algal blooms (HABs) that threaten the water quality. To combat these HABs, alum treatment (Aluminum Sulfate) is commonly used. Alum treatment is the use of aluminum sulfate, which binds to phosphorus, effectively lowering the levels of free phosphorus and thus reducing algal growth. However, alum can also have adverse effects on water and sediment chemistry. Waughop lake was treated in March and again in July of 2020, with alum, and since then there have been significant changes in the lake chemistry. The most significant changes have been tied to excess sulfur in the water column and pore water after the addition of alum. the goal of this research is to track the chemical changes in the lake with a high interest on sulfur.




University of Puget Sound