Faculty Advisor

Hodum, Peter

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2022


Human impacts are increasingly affecting the conservation status of many of the world’s species, particularly those less capable of adapting to rapidly changing environments. Seabirds are one of the most endangered groups of birds in the world due to the synergistic impacts of climate change, pollution, human disturbance, bycatch, and overfishing. Marbled Murrelets (MAMUs; Brachyramphus marmoratus) are small diving seabirds currently listed as Endangered by Washington State and Threatened by the federal government. As such, their habitat selection and population distribution are two important metrics by which to measure their response to altered environmental conditions, including their habitat-use patterns. Despite their protected status, MAMU populations continue to decline, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. While the marine distribution and habitat use patterns of MAMUs in most of WA have been well studied, there is a significant knowledge gap regarding marine habitat use in the South Puget Sound.


Mike Dunkle Summer Research Endowed Fund


University of Puget Sound