Faculty Advisor

Crocker, Katherine Martin, Mark

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2023


For my research I am comparing the gut microbiome of lab raised A. Domesticus that are given various levels of Octopamine, a stress hormone, and comparing that to the gut microbiome of wild cricket types. Crickets are a widely used organism across the world for various experiments as both subject and feed. Knowing how the gut microbiome of these crickets is affected by various levels of stress will allow us to better take care of these crickets. This could also help us determine if there are any diseases that lab raised crickets may be susceptible to. A large part of this research has been exploratory, finding various bacteria from frass samples. This project uses genomic DNA extraction kits, PCR, nanodrop, and other microbiology techniques.


University of Puget Sound