Faculty Advisor

Orloff, Heidi

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2011


Women’s shoes are known to be constructed from the same parameters as men’s shoes but on a smaller scale. However, foot and gait characteristics are different between genders The purpose of this study was to determine if mid-sole design has an effect on ground reaction force characteristics during running, cutting and jumping motions. Twenty-two apparently healthy female (73.8±8.4 kg; 1.74±0.06 m) and seven male (73.5±5.3 kg; 1.68±0.02 m) current or recently graduated NCAA Division III athletes voluntarily participated in this study. Subjects wore four shoes with different mid-sole designs while performing five different actions: running, cutting, shuffling, back cut and plyometric jumping. In the locomotive portion of the study, no differences were found between the shoes or gender in both the vertical and medial/lateral forces. In females, jumping data showed that the D3O shoe yielded less contact time with less velocity. Prototype shoes seemed to effect GRFs while landing from a jump but did not alter GRF characteristics during running and agility movements.


University of Puget Sound